India Ranks 11th On The “100 Best Cuisines In The World”. First Place Bagged By…

by Sanjana Shenoy
India Ranks 11th On The “100 Best Cuisines In The World”. First Place Bagged By…

If there’s one thing Indian foodies love to do it’s to skim through lists that rank Indian cuisine and desi dishes in ‘world’s best’ lists. Ending the year on a bang, Indian cuisine has just bagged the 11th rank on the ‘100 Best Cuisines In The World’ list by TasteAtlas, an online guide that ranks and celebrates traditional food and culinary experiences across the world.

Indian Cuisine Ranks 11th Best In The World List


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TasteAtlas recently released its rankings for the ‘100 Best Cuisines in the World’ List. The best part is that Indian cuisine ranked 11th best on this list beating out biggies like Thai, Polish, Turkish, American, and South Korean cuisines. With just 0.02 points less than Peru’s, Indian cuisine stood 11th. Looks like Butter Chicken, Tikka, Tandoori and Butter Naan certainly spread their aroma and captivating flavours across the globe.

Now, which cuisine emerged right at the top of this ranking? Unsurprisingly, with a ranking of 4.65 points, Italian cuisine was declared as the world’s best on this list. The second, third, fourth and fifth positions were taken by Japan, Greece, Portugal and China respectively.

Meanwhile, here’s a list of the top 15 best cuisines on the list of 100.

  1. Italy
  2. Japan
  3. Greece
  4. Portugal
  5. China
  6. Indonesia
  7. Mexico
  8. France
  9. Spain
  10. Peru
  11. India
  12. Brazil
  13. Poland
  14. Argentina
  15. Turkiye

Dishes From India Often Featured On TasteAtlas In 2023; Netizens Question USA Cuisine Rankings

indian cuisine
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In the year 2023, Indian cuisine, desi restaurants and dishes have been featured on many coveted lists released by TasteAtlas. In fact, TasteAtlas stated that a total of 395,205 dishes and 115,660 food products have been recorded and rated from all of these global cuisines. The rankings helped find the top 50 food items for each cuisine. Based on this, the rankings helped crown the best-rated cuisines in the world as per average ratings of the best-rated dishes across the world.

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In July this year, TasteAtlas listed Bengaluru’s Corner House, Mangaluru’s Pabbas, Mumbai’s Apsara and K. Rustom & Co. and Naturals as the “Most Iconic Ice Cream Spots In The World” list. Similarly, Murg Makhani, the creamy, buttery chicken curry dish, Tikka and Tandoori also made it to lists of the “Best Dishes In The World” list, earlier this year. What makes these dishes unique is that they can easily be prepared with vegetarian ingredients like paneer and mushroom apart from meat.

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Interestingly, many Netizens took to the comments section of the TasteAtlas post, to either laud or criticise the inclusion of a particular cuisine on the list. @oliverhecht wonders what is ‘USA cuisine’. The Instagrammer asks if US cuisine is fried chicken or McDonald’s. @paunacoelha questions why Thai cuisine ranks after USA. @igotitfrommymaman strongly feels Iran should rank in the top 3 for housing one of the world’s best cuisines. But the Instagrammer quips that not many people may have sampled Persian cuisine. 

Meanwhile, do agree with TasteAtlas’s rankings? If you ask us, Indian cuisine should undoubtedly rank first! 

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