Indians Are Choosing International Cruise Trips With Families In 2023. Dil Dhakadne Do Vibes!

by Dikshita
Indians Are Choosing International Cruise Trips With Families In 2023. Dil Dhakadne Do Vibes!

A survey from August 2022 found that 8 in 10 urban Indian families planning an international trip are considering cruise trips in the next 12 months. A majority of 79% of Indians wish to go on a holiday with their family. As many as 89% believe that it is crucial to spend quality time with their families for prevailing well-being. Travelling on a cruise is surely a magnificent experience. 

Why Are Tourists So Obsessed With Cruises?

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Well, the famous Bollywood movie Dil Dhadakne Do has rendered the trend. It made the viewers realise the necessity of a strong family bond and the need to spend time together. The movie brought together the aspects of every household and how a trip could solve it all. The luxurious cruise trip-centric drama made us all crave one. Family bonds and busy life are also what most people believe is the need to take a family trip.

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What Makes Cruise Trips So Special?


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  • It’s an all-in-one experience. A cruise can offer you more than you think, from hotel room experience to eateries to even shopping.
  • You can travel to multiple destinations, cities, and countries; all on one vacation.
  • The range and nature of luxury that a cruise can offer are beyond imagination. The treatment, service, state-of-the-art facilities, and entertainment in a cruise will lend your moments with stateliness. It is truly synonymous with the idea of a floating hotel.
  • You don’t have to think twice before taking your kids on a cruise. Every cruise ship offers ways to amuse and cater to the little ones. The fun rides, play spaces, kids’ activities, or even just shopping for the kids—cruise ships have it all. You can leave your kids in their care to spend some quality time with your partner alone since many of these cruise ships have expert supervision present in the kids’ areas. There are also cruises with cruise ships like Disney that are kid-friendly.

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Keep These Tips In Mind When Planning Your Cruise Trip:

Cruise trips
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  • If you think you can have seasickness, make sure to carry some prescribed medicine.
  • Though there are plenty of ways to book a cruise, for convenience you can book through an agent. The popular ones are in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Alaska.
  • You have to make sure that you carry a visa to every country you will be visiting.
  • Try to reach the port a couple of hours before to have enough time to check in as some ports may even be far away from the city.
  • Carry a small essentials handbag with you as it may take quite a long for you to get your check-in luggage.

We have given you plenty of reasons to go on a cruise vacation already. Don’t think much and book at the earliest and go on a splendid holiday with your family!

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