Indian Filter Coffee Makes It To The List Of Best Rated Coffee In The World; No 1 Is…

As per TasteAtlas, Cuba’s Café Cubano is one of the best-rated coffees in the world, and filter coffee from India bagged the second spot.

by Tashika Tyagi
Indian Filter Coffee Makes It To The List Of Best Rated Coffee In The World; No 1 Is…

Indian coffee is one of the best in the world! And we aren’t just making up this wild claim. According to TasteAtlas, Indian filter coffee is the second best-rated coffee in the world! Right from the technique to the delicious taste, everything about this coffee is quite amazing. The Indian beverage is second only to Cuban Espresso which has topped this list. Read on to learn more about this list.

Filter Coffee From India Rated Second Best In The World

Indian filter coffee
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TasteAtlas is an online travel guide for traditional food. This popular website recently published an article about “Top 38 Coffees In The World” and Indian Filter Coffee ranked second on the list! The Indian filter coffee was rated 4.5 – the same as the Cuban Espresso that topped the list.

In the article, they explained the brewing technique, flavours, aroma, and rich taste of the coffee. Made predominantly in South India, this rich and frothy coffee is quite popular around the country and now in the world! According to the website, “this brewing technique results in a richly-flavoured, full-bodied coffee that is usually mixed with milk and sweetened with sugar.”

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Here’s The Complete List Of The Best Rated Coffee From Around The World

best coffee in the world
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The comprehensive list published by TasteAtlas rated and ranked the top 38 coffees from around the world! As we mentioned before, Cuba’s Cuban Espresso and India’s filter coffee were positioned in first and second place, respectively. They posted the list of top 10 best-rated coffees on their Instagram page.


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Here’s the complete list that all you coffee lovers should check out –

  1. Cuban Espresso – Cuba
  2. Filter Coffee – India
  3. Espresso Freddo – Greece
  4. Freddo Cappuccino – Greece
  5. Café Bombón – Spain
  6. Cappuccino – Italy
  7. Turkish Coffee – Turkey
  8. Ristretto – Italy
  9. Frappe Coffee – Greece
  10. Vietnamese Iced Coffee – Vietnam
  11. Eiskaffee – Germany
  12. Espresso – Italy
  13. Flat White – Australia
  14. Macchiato – Italy
  15. Vietnamese Coffee – Vietnam
  16. Caffè latte – Italy
  17. Bicerin – Italy
  18. Cortado – Spain
  19. Galão – Portugal
  20. Kopi luwak – Indonesia
  21. Café de Olla – Mexico
  22. Bosanska kava – Bosnia and Herzegovina
  23. Café au lait – France
  24. Wiener melange – Austria
  25. Arabic Coffee – Saudi Arabia
  26. Kopi tubruk – Indonesia
  27. Dalgona – South Korea
  28. Long Black – Australia
  29. Caffè moka – Italy
  30. Mazagran – Algeria
  31. Shakerato – Italy
  32. Einspänner – Austria
  33. Coffee Raf – Russia
  34. Egg Coffee (Ca phe trung) – Vietnam
  35. Café au lait – USA
  36. Caffè Americano – Italy
  37. French Press – France
  38. Café com cheirinho – Portugal 

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