Indian Railways Is Bound To Offer Free Meals To Passengers Under These Conditions

by Sanjana Shenoy
Indian Railways Is Bound To Offer Free Meals To Passengers Under These Conditions

What’s in a free meal? Everything! The question is, what’s not in a free meal? The food suddenly starts tasting better. And the pockets and wallets get happier. Well, jokes apart, Indian Railways has announced free meals to passengers under special circumstances. Read on to find out how you might get a free meal on your train journey.

Indian Railways Offers Free Food In This Special Scenario

According to a report by Hindustan Times, Indian Railways will offer free meal and drink on premium trains. But here’s the catch. The free meals and drinks will be available only if the train is delayed for over two hours. This is regardless of the reason for the delay. Passengers can opt for an array of breakfast lunch and dinner options. This depends on the time of day that the train is running late to the designated station.  Moreover, passengers can also choose from vegetarian or non-vegetarian options. So, perhaps running late has its own benefits.

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This Rule Is Applicable To Only Premium Trains

Indian Railways has made such provisions on premium trains like Duranto Express, Shatabdi and Rajdhani. Passengers will be provided free meals if any of these trains get delayed by over 2 hours. After all, these are premium trains that give top priority to reaching their destinations on time. Meanwhile, in order to offer passengers a premium dining experience on its trains, IRCTC has upgraded existing kitchens and set up new ones.

So, the next time you travel by train, you can look forward to the food as much as the scenic train journey. And if your premium train gets delayed by over 2 hours, then keep your eyes on the free food.

Cover Picture Credits: Unsplash