Indian Restaurant In Norway Donates To Boost Oxygen Supply In Delhi; Here’s How You Can Help Too!

indian restaurant in norway donates oxygen
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 450

As the world comes together to help India battle its Covid crisis, volunteers and communities have been doing their bit to contribute for the same. Help is pouring in from all across the world, from the skyscrapers of the USA to the lakes of Italy. And now an Indian restaurant in Norway has donated part of its earnings to boost oxygen supply in Delhi. Here’s everything to know about this noble deed. You can also do your part to help provide oxygen concentrators to India.

‘New Delhi’ Restaurant In Norway Donated Earnings For Oxygen Supply To India

The ‘New Delhi’ restaurant in the Norwegian capital city Oslo is famous for its mouthwatering Indian curries and aromatic Tandoori bread. But that’s not all. On April 30, the popular Indian restaurant in Norway decided to donate its day’s earnings to provide oxygen concentrators in Delhi, to help battle the Covid fight. The ‘New Delhi’ restaurant garnered praise from Erik Solheim, who works closely with the Norwegian government in the past. Erik Solheim tweeted that the restaurant has been closed during the lockdown. But their takeaway sales amounted to 54000 Norwegian Krones ( ₹4,82,000 approx). The entire amount was donated to the Khalsa Aid NGO, which shall use the money to provide oxygen to the needy in Delhi.

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How Can You Help Contribute Oxygen To The Needy?

Just like, the New Delhi restaurant in Norway donated its day’s earnings to Khalsa Aid, you too can do the same. You can make a donation to the UK-based Khalsa Aid that provides oxygen concentrators to Delhi, India’s worst-affected Covid city. Khalsa Aid also launched a helpline recently to deliver oxygen concentrators to the homes of quarantined Covid patients. A Go Fund Me campaign named COVID-19 Oxygen For India also supplies oxygen to rural and urban hospitals. Zomato also has a Feeding India initiative that aims to provide hospitals and Covid patients with oxygen and related supplies. So, you can also make a small contribution to these NGOs and initiatives to ensure that oxygen supply reaches those in need.

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