Indian Students Shell Out Whopping ₹2 Lakhs For One-Way Ticket To Canada

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by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 3446

With the deadly second wave, many countries have banned travelllers from India. But despite the ban on flights from India to Canada, Indian passengers are still landing in Toronto and other airports in Canada. People travelling to Canada are using international airports like Muscat, Mexico City, Addis Ababa, and Belgrade as transit points. But international students are having to shell out up to $4,000 or ₹2 lakhs for land in Canada via Doha and Addis Ababa.

Students From India Are Using Transit Airports To Land In India

Students from India are mainly using these airports to land in Canada as they can do a quick Covid-19 test at these airports and move ahead for their onward journey. Some Indians are also landing in Mexico City via Europe to get to Toronto. After a two-day stay in Mexico and after they receive their negative COVID-19 test certificate, they get to board a flight to Canada.

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Indians Travelling Via Muscat Or Belgrade Must Take COVID-19 Tests

Indians travelling via Muscat need to take their Covid test and then board onward flights to Canada after 14 hours. In Addis Ababa and Belgrade, passengers are asked to stay for three days in a hotel before they get their COVID-19 test and board onward flights. US Colleges Order Students Who Took India’s Covaxin & Russia’s Sputnik V To Get Re-Vaccinated.

Many Indians Are Also Carrying Infections To Canada

But the issue with using these airports as transit points is that if a passenger gets infected just before boarding a flight from India and lands in Muscat or Belgrade and takes a test, they will still test negative as symptoms take 4 to 5 days to show. That is how many international passengers are transmitting the infections to other countries.

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