India’s First Raffles Hotel In Udaipur Has A Private Island In The Middle Of Udai Sagar Lake

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 3083

Udaipur is home to some of the finest hotels and resorts in the world. However, India’s first Raffles hotel in Udaipur absolutely stands out, and why not? It sits on a 21-acre private island in the middle of the serene Udai Sagar lake. The luxury hotel offers 180-degree views of rolling hills that change colour with every season. Here’s everything that makes Raffle’s Indian outpost magical.

The Island Is Covered With Manicured Gardens & Fountains

The island is covered with manicured gardens and fountains and the property is an amalgamation of India and the West with Rajasthan’s royal heritage and elements of Islamic architecture. The rooms and suites are complete with modern comforts, private plunge pools, gardens as well as balconies. The décor follows the East-West aesthetic with murals, handcrafted wooden chests, and artwork. What’s more, the Raffles Spa is adorned with delicate pastels, mirrors, a detailed embroidered canopy.

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Relish Authentic Meals From The Royal Households Of Mewar

Sawai Kitchen brings you authentic meals from the royal households of Mewar. The restaurant carefully recreates lost recipes that have faded from the public eye. You can relish Mewari delicacies like the Rajputana Kheeri Nalli, Masaledaar Bharwan Kachhe Tamatar, Ghas Ki Roti, and more.  Also, enjoy a selection of French desserts and pastries at the Raffles Patisserie.

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Sip On Craft Cocktails At The Writers Bar

Immerse yourself in an alluring space at The Writers Bar, which pays tribute to some of the world’s most famous authors. Here, you can sip on craft cocktails, champagne, fine spirits, or wine. The drinks menus also include a selection of fine Indian beverages as well as heritage brews from Rajasthan.


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The property arranges guided tours as well as gives you a chance to partake in astronomy, yoga, and meditation sessions. Raffles is a private oasis to unwind and discover the city of Udaipur, anew. The property takes Udaipur to new heights and we cannot wait to pay a visit to the property. Here Are Top 4 Things You Should Do in Udaipur.


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