India’s First Smart Village In Rajasthan Has Access To Solar Power, Water Conservation And More!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
India’s First Smart Village In Rajasthan Has Access To Solar Power, Water Conservation And More!

Reading the title, you must be wondering what is a smart village? When a village’s development satisfies all five basic categories: retrofitting, redevelopment, green fields, ePAN (electronic planning), and livelihood, it is deemed a ‘Smart Village’. This feat has been achieved by Dhanora village in Rajasthan located 248 km away from Jaipur and with not more than 2000 residents. 

Joining Hands With Eco Needs Foundation

The Dhanora village is known as India’s first smart village and this has been a possibility because The Eco Needs Foundation with the help of the locals, and the state government of Rajasthan began this mission. In 2016, the foundation adopted the village. They began by improving the road conditions because with bad road conditions connecting to the village was not possible. As a result of the new roads, new housing was built, community halls and recreational areas were developed, and schools were redeveloped. Sustainable development initiatives included sanitation, proper housing, road reconstruction, solar power access and clean drinking water, tree planting, and water conservation, among others.

Pic Credits: Indian Masterminds

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Model Smart Village

The Village developed greenfield projects including waste management facilities, wastewater treatment plants, and tree plantations. Through internet connections, solar power that provided uninterrupted electricity, computers in schools, and public libraries, e-Pan brought the village closer to all parts of the world. This enabled Dhanora village to open itself up to the rest of the country and the world. The community centre located in this village will provide all the information you need if you were to visit it to see what a smart village looks like. 

Pic Credits: the Better India

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