Panchayat 2 Was Shot In This Quaint Village In Madhya Pradesh & It Deserves A Visit!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
by Vaishalee Kalvankar 605

Panchayat 2 is a sequel to the series with the same name on Amazon Prime and is being praised all over the internet. People are loving the show so much already that it is trending top across the country. Now that the show has become so popular people are curious about the place where the shooting took place. To end your curiosity, the place is Mahodiya village in Madhya Pradesh and it’s simply beautiful. 

Located In Central India’s Heart

In Madhya Pradesh‘s Sehore district, a remote village called Mahodiya was the setting for the series. Natural beauty, wildlife, history, and legacy are what India’s heart is blessed with and so is the village here. The beautiful quaint village is simple yet so warm. It is said that the temperature here is always around 31 degrees celsius. The best part about being in a village is that you get to experience every phase of the day unlike in the fast-paced cities. 


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Abhishek Aka Jitendra Kumar Shared Some Snaps

Jitendra Kumar shared the images of this village on his Instagram and also shared how he misses village life being in the city. He also revealed that since there was no accommodation, they would come to the village early morning and then get back at night to the nearby town. He has also posted a video where he tries to click a picture with a village who gives him a savage reply instead. 


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