This Hidden Gem In Chandni Chowk Is The Most Instagrammable Restaurant Near Jama Masjid

by Suchismita Pal
This Hidden Gem In Chandni Chowk Is The Most Instagrammable Restaurant Near Jama Masjid

Love old Delhi food in Chandni Chowk but hate the crowd? Then this hidden gem with traditional interiors will come to your rescue. Nestled near Delhi’s Jama Masjid, Shahi Mehfil is a dainty eatery that specialises in lip-smacking Mughal and Nawabi dishes. Here, you can sit amid the spectacular Turkish themed decor and relish Kakori Kababs, Galowti Kebabs, Shami Kebabs, Chicken Alfaham, Chicken Malai Tikka, Mutton Tandoori Rann and more along with main course dishes like Achari Chicken, Mutton Korma and Mutton Nihari. Shahi Mehfil also serves delectable biryanis, kathi rolls and kebabs.

Have A Royal Meal With A Touch Of History

With intricately designed carpets, Mughal style seatings, elegant fences and striking wall motifs, the interiors of Shahi Mehfil symbolise elegance. The eatery is a slice of royalty that celebrates gastronomy with the best old Delhi dishes whipped up by expert culinarians. Pinned on Matia Mahal Road, Shahi Mehfil can be an ideal place for family get-togethers for a meal with a touch of history. The eatery’s colour palette is essentially blue and white, illuminated by Turkish lamps.

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Enjoy Creamy Curries With Khameri Roti And End The Meal With A Bowl Of Kheer!

The creamy curries served here can be enjoyed with khameri rotis, roomali rotis or shahi parathas. End your meal with a bowl of luscious kheer, gulab jamuns or ras malai. Apart from snacks, curries and desserts, Shahi Mehfil also serves refreshing Mashroobats ( beverages) like Shakar-o-Sabta and Thandak-e-Rooh-Khas.

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So, the next time you’re at Chandni Chowk, take some time out to head over to this pretty place!

Address | 1115 Matia Mahal Road Delhi, India 110006

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