Delhi Gets A New Mughal-Style Park With Open-Air Theatre, Canopies & More!

by Sanjana Shenoy
Delhi Gets A New Mughal-Style Park With Open-Air Theatre, Canopies & More!

Delhiites! There’s a new hangout spot for you that’s simply ravishing. This is the new Mughal-style park, spread across 8560 sqm. Inaugurated by President Ram Nath Kovind on March 20, the Mughal park is named after Charti Lal Goel, the first speaker of the legislative assembly. A welcoming destination for families, Charti Lal Goel Heritage Park promises an extravaganza of Mughal-era architecture, open-air theatre, dreamy canopies, food courts and more. Read on to get all the deets.

Charti Lal Goel Heritage Park Stunning New Mughal-Themed Park In Delhi

Charti Lal Goel Heritage Park is nestled near Jama Masjid in Old Delhi, opposite the Parade Ground parking facility. Housing Mughal-style ‘baradari; a building pavilion with 12 doors to allow the flow of air, this heritage park is a sight to behold. The white-marble clad baradari with cusped arches is the heart of this heritage garden. Surrounded by vibrant flowers, painting the grass like a rainbow, it compels you to stop everything you’re doing and click Insta-worthy pictures with the baradari as the backdrop.

Picture Credits: TOI

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Open-Air Theatre, White-Marble Walkways, & Mughal Feels

The Mughal theme extends to the rest of the park, where “chatris”, stone railings and lamp posts have been designed with borrowings from Red Fort inspired architecture. There are walls sporting jaali work, open-air theatre, panorama and walkways made of white marble, red sandstone and Dholpur stones. On the day of inauguration by President Ram Nath Kovind, the park opened to stunning cultural performances, classical music and traditional dances.

Picture Credits: President Ram Nath Kovind/ Twitter

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Gorge On Authentic Chandni Chowk Cuisine At The Park

Heritage plays a very important role in Delhi. So, the park has been designed keeping this very aspect in mind. Since it sits between Jama Masjid and faces the Red Fort on the other, visitors can get a feel of the architecture of both the revere spaces. After careful research, heritage elements have been incorporated in the Charti Lal Goel Heritage Park. Moreover, visitors can also gorge on authentic Chandni Chowk cuisine at the food court and also purchase Old Delhi handicrafts.