This Village In Rajasthan Plants 111 Trees Every Time A Girl Child Is Born

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
This Village In Rajasthan Plants 111 Trees Every Time A Girl Child Is Born

Every day when you read the newspaper, see news channels or open news on your tabloid or on while scrolling on social media you tend to come across at least 2 or more news that sends a chill down your spine. Girls being tormented or harassed, a woman or girl being raped, abortions because of the female gender of the baby and so on. But this news from Rajasthan is surely going to bring a huge smile to your face. In a village in Rajasthan 111 trees are planted at the birth of every girl child. 

Setting An Example Since 15 Years

Piplantri is a village in the Rajsamand district of southern Rajasthan where people celebrate the birth of every girl child by planting 111 saplings. The Piplantri community makes sure that looking after the trees is as important as the daughters. With this initiative, the village is very successfully bringing up a change. They are not only planting trees and bringing in the green cover but also empowering the girl children. They have been during this for the past 15 years and have set a beautiful example that the whole country should follow. More than a quarter-million trees have been planted in the village in the last six years.

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A Beautiful Initiative By The Sarpanch

Not only are trees planted when a girl child is born but the Panchayat collects ₹10,000 from the parents ₹31,000 from donors and Bhamashahs are all put together and a Fixed deposit of ₹41,000 is created. The Panchayat will keep an account of it and when the FD stays intact until the girl turns 18. This initiative was the brainchild of the Sarpanch Shyam Sundar Paliwal who lost his daughter when she was 18 due to dehydration. He began this initiative in the memory of his daughter. 

Pic Credits: IT News

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