India’s Flying Taxi By The ePlane Company Gets DGCA Design Approval

by Shreya Ghosh
India’s Flying Taxi By The ePlane Company Gets DGCA Design Approval

The dream of travelling in flying taxi will soon be a reality! The days are coming when people will get to relive their childhood dreams of flying on fascinating vehicles like the ones we saw in superhero movies as a child. An IIT Madras incubated startup company named “The ePlane Company” is the mastermind behind this extraordinary project. After successful trials and tests, they also received approval from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for the ePlane e200 aircraft.

DGCA Granted Approval To The ePlane Company’s Flying Taxi

The ePlane Company took to its Twitter account @ePlaneCompany to share some glimpses and details of receiving the Design Organisation Approval (DOA) from DGCA. The regulatory body granted DOA to the company on 23 May 2023.

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The ePlane Company is now the first Indian electric aircraft company with Design Organisation Approval from the DGCA. This approval is a crucial and significant step for this startup and an important first milestone in its aircraft certification process, as shared by the company in the tweet. The company is now a lot forward to flying in the air soon!

ePlane e200 comes with 2 seats and the manufacturing design for it is for urban areas.

Eminent Personalities Were Present On This Glorious Certificate-Giving Event

The ePlane Company shared in a tweet that Shri Vikram Dev Dutt (Director General, DGCA), Shri Indranil Chakraborthy (Deputy Director General, DGCA), Smt. MEENU KAPIL, (Director – AED, DGCA), and Shri Jai Simha (Director – Airworthiness, DGCA Chennai) were present during the glorious event of receiving approval from the DGCA.

Shri Vikram Dev Dutt awarded the Design Organisation Approval (DOA) certificate to Prof Satya Chakravarthy. Prof V Kamakoti, the Director of IIT Madras, and the entire crew of The ePLane Company were also present here.

Vikram Dev Dutt was delighted to see the flying taxi. He stated his joy after seeing the passion of The ePlane Company team and how there is so much potential in this ecosystem at the moment.

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The next step of the company is to get type certification, according to a report by Money Control.

Are you excited to see the flying taxi?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Vayu Aerospace Review (@ReviewVayu)