DGCA Says Notice Period For Go First Pilots Is 1 Year; Pilots Are Exasperated

Go First
by Shreya Ghosh

Go First has been making news for the last few weeks due to bankruptcy. The low-cost airline filed an application for voluntary insolvency resolution proceedings before the National Company Law Tribunal and stopped its flights and services. Among all the current news reports regarding the aviation industry, new news is coming to light. The Go First pilots are simply enraged after hearing a rule of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Go First Pilots Are Facing Issues Because Of Delayed Salaries & More!

Go First

Picture credit- Go First Instagram

This Indian airline is turning out to be a major problem for its crew. According to a report by The Hindu, the delay in salaries began in the month of October 2022. The credited amount followed a delay of about one to three weeks every month.

The March salary was paid after a long gap on 28 April. Unfortunately, the situation turned to the worst when the pilots worked for the month of April but still have not been credited with their salaries yet. The cancellation of Go First flights began in May and every pilot and crew worked for the airline in the last month. Sadly, they have not been credited with their salaries for April yet.

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Delay in salaries is not the only problem that the pilots are facing right now. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, the airline began crediting salaries to the pilots with a major cut amount.

DGCA’s One-Year Notice Period Is The Biggest Obstacle For The Pilots

Go First

Picture credit- Go First Instagram

There has been news that some airlines are providing new job opportunities to the Go First pilots. Joining a new airline and starting a new job could have been the easiest solution in this aspect, but a rule by DGCA does not let pilots start a new job all of a sudden. This DGCA rule states that a commander needs to follow a notice period of a year before switching jobs. And the notice period is 6 months for first officers.

Pilots are now concerned about getting any sort of official documents and proof that represents their work experiences and information about their flying journeys.

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What do you think of this notice period rule by DGCA?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ GO FIRST (@gofirstairways)