Influencer Claims Restaurant Shamed Her For Ordering Too Much Food; Restaurant Replies

by Shreya Rathod
Influencer Claims Restaurant Shamed Her For Ordering Too Much Food; Restaurant Replies

We love heading to our favourite restaurant and having a meal with family and friends. Everything about the place is inviting and relaxing. The menu features some of our favourite appetisers, starters, drinks, desserts and so on. While having a meal with a group, we often order a bit too much than what is required. This Canadian influencer faced a similar situation while in a sushi restaurant. However, she claims that they were shamed by the waiter of the restaurant! Here’s what happened and what the restaurant has to say about it.

Canadian Influencer Claims She Was Shamed For Ordering Too Much Food!

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Cassandra Mauro, a Canadian influencer, visited a sushi restaurant in Ontario called ‘Paper Crane Sushi Bar and Bistro’. She was with a friend and they placed an order for shrimp tempura, chicken fried rice, noodles, and two sushi rolls. In a TikTok video, she mentioned that after ordering the amount of food, the waiter thought they had ordered too much food. Moreover, the manager of the restaurant asked them if they were hungry. After that, they were asked to move their table to accommodate the food they had ordered.

She further narrated that they could see the kitchen from where they were sitting the entire time. The chef was chuckling as he prepared the dinner while staring at them. She also pointed out that when you go to a restaurant and order food, people make fun of you for doing so.

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Restaurant’s Reply To The Incident

In an Instagram post, the restaurant has apologised for any comments that may have caused a negative experience. Further, they emphasised that most of their staff speak English as their second language. And it was never their intention to make her feel judged. They pointed out that they have discussed this situation with their employees and are taking steps to address the language barrier.

They even invited the influencer and her friend to speak with them personally about their experience. Again, they apologised for their behaviour and feel embarrassed about the situation.

Paper Crane is a small restaurant founded and run by a Korean family. They purchased the restaurant 12 years ago and completely rebuilt it.

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Like many restaurants, it took years for them to become profitable, all because of their hardwork.

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