Influencer Takes Dig At Louis Vuitton’s New Sandwich Bag That Costs ₹1.75 Lakh

Louis Vuitton launched a new sandwich bag which has amused Netizens.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Influencer Takes Dig At Louis Vuitton’s New Sandwich Bag That Costs ₹1.75 Lakh

Ever heard of a luxurious sandwich bag? Well, welcome to the future because your regular, brown-paper sandwich bag has just got a whopping ₹1.75 lakh makeover by Louis Vuitton. The luxury brand just launched its new sandwich bag priced at over $3,000 and foodies have got a shock already. An influencer recently took a dig at Louis Vuitton’s new high-fashion accessory.

Louis Vuitton Launches A New Sandwich Bag That Costs ₹1.75 Lakh Made Of Cowhide Leather


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Pharrell Williams, the record producer and men’s creative director at Louis Vuitton sought inspiration from the classic sandwich paper bag to create a new high-fashion accessory. Enter Louis Vuitton’s sandwich bag which unlike humble bags made of paper is reimagined with premium cowhide leather. The classic saffron had blue stripes adorned with the French luxury brand’s iconic logo has created a storm on social media.

The label said that the sandwich bag made of cowhide leather has a similar shade to that of a shopping bag. The fold resembles its quotidian counterpart where you can keep sandwiches or something even more precious. Digital creator and comedian, Shabaz Says took a dig at Louis Vuitton’s $3,000-sandwich bag. “Another thing stolen from you povvos and made expensive”, he says. The sound of “wealth”, jokes Shabaz. In his classic sarcastic tone, the comedian says, “You can’t even afford a sandwich let alone a sandwich bag costing $3,000 because you are a povvo”.

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Instagrammers Pass Digs At The High Fashion Accessory

Instagrammers didn’t miss out on this golden opportunity to take digs at Louis Vuitton’s new sandwich bag. @tea.and.stitchery comments on not understanding why LV is so popular. The Instagrammer described the colour of the bag as “loose baby poo” which ruins one’s appetite. @shezzdavids jokes about not even being able to afford the magnet. @sunnyreba looks at the bright side and says at least his povvo lunch bag has a handle.  @elinsofiaersson has a sustainable angle on the whole situation. She remembers the time her 1$ IKEA reusable lunch bag broke. And she stapled it again as she cares about her environmental footprint. 

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So, folks, would you ever shell out ₹1.75 lakh for a luxurious new sandwich bag?

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