Kids Who Sleep Better, Travel Happier

by Anvi Doshi
Kids Who Sleep Better, Travel Happier

Sleep well, travel happy

You don’t really want to let your kid cry as they pose with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, do you? For us adults, it is easy to push past our exhaustion and hop on to that next flight. But unfortunately it doesn’t work the same way for your child. you’d be surprised to know that when kids are deprived of their 8-10 hours of daily, recommended sleep time, they get fastidiously cranky and grumpy. And not just this, there are long term serious health effects like obesity, high blood pressure, difficulty in breathing, short attention span, inability to reason and many other illnesses. So basically the sleep deprivation during your travel is not just harmful to your children while you travel but will have an impact on their health in the long run

Hence its extremely important to be conscious of your child’s sleep routine even while you are travelling! You’ll be shocked to know that over 84% of children in India are sleep deprived as recorded by, a health awareness initiative by Godrej Interio mattresses.

However, worry not. We’ve found just the right tool to help you and your children sleep better and travel happier. Log on to and go to the‘Sleep Secrets’ section. You’ll get all the recipes to ensure your child gets the right amount of sleep. Also don’t forget to first check your Lo’s sleep score on their sleep-o-meter

Leaving you here with a funny yet thoughtful video on the need for sleep for your children.