Insignia Inox: Mumbai’s First 7 Star Theatre Opens At Nariman Point

by Natasha Monteiro
Insignia Inox: Mumbai’s First 7 Star Theatre Opens At Nariman Point

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Imagine Italian leather seats, a butler on call, food curated by Chef Vicky Ratnani. Basically, Insignia Inox offers a film experience like no other.

What Is It?

Curly Tales got invited to the opening of Mumbai’s first ever, seven star, movie watching experience at Insignia. All we can say is that the tagline of a seven star experience does Insignia no justice. The experience is worth a million stars.

The Theatre:

Insignia is located inside INOX Nariman Point CR-2 mall. As we rode the escalator up to the theatre, I couldn’t help noticing that INOX has rebranded itself to a laserplex with good reason.

Leather seats with hi-class technology at INOX
Leather seats with hi-class technology at INOX

Insignia screams luxury. As you walk into Screen 2, you are greeted by warm yellow lights in a geometric pattern that only serves to build the anticipation to what is to be seen. As you finally get past the aisle, one can’t help but gasp at the vision of what can best be described as leather-clad symmetry. The first thought comes to mind is that this is what is looks like when technology marries luxury.

Each seat has its own private space with a movable tray holder, bottle holder, cuddle pillow and blanket. The seat itself is an experience and is endowed with touch-screen buttons that let you adjust the headrest, backrest and the legrest. There’s a small button which lets you call for a butler on the seat. It took me a few minutes to figure out the perfect angle to settle in and I decide to test the butler on call button. Sure enough, much like the famed Alfred from the Batman series, a well dressed girl appears rather discreetly.

Fun fact: All the server clothes have been created by Designer Vikas Khanna. The servers are polite, well-informed and looked eager to deliver a fabulous evening.        


The Movie Experience

We finally settled in to watch the movie. Naam Shabaana was the film of choice. I have to admit that I was a little surprised they didn’t choose a 3D movie to show off the entire range of the experience.

All I can say is that Insignia and Taapsee Pannu contributed to what was an otherwise slow film riddled with loopholes. We were told that Insignia was blessed with a 360 degree Dolby Atmos surround sound – and boy, what a fantastic experience that turned out to be.

Watching a movie at Insignia is much like attending a live concert. You feel the music reverberating inside you, the dialogues hit you with an intensity that makes you truly love the experience.

The Food                        

No movie experience is complete without a delicious meal and popcorn to accompany it. All I can say is that, just like everything else, Insignia changes the way you look at theatre food. Curated and created by Chef vicky, we were served an array of dishes to sample.                        

The Mumbai toastie celebrates the streets of Mumbai. It’s rich with the flavour of mashed potatoes, a sprinkle of delicious masala. It truly encapsulates the vibe of the city. The twice baked khichdi is a fancier curd rice. Bland. The papad is a nice touch and makes for the ideal comfort food. To me, it doesn’t really compliment the movie experience. The Hariyali spiced Biryani is the star of the menu. Perfectly spiced, rich with cardamom, dry fruits and crunchy onion, it melts in your mouth. I was hoping for a few dessert options. It seems to be the only thing missing from the menu and could be a great addition.


Ticket Cost:

INR 950
Watching a movie at Insignia spoils you for any other theatre. It’s not just a film you’re watching – it becomes a film you’re living.


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