Instead Of 1.5 Hrs, Come 2026, Travelling Between Delhi-Haryana To Take Only 7 Mins; All About It

The new electric air taxi service in Delhi will reduce travel time between Delhi and Haryana.

by Tooba Shaikh
Instead Of 1.5 Hrs, Come 2026, Travelling Between Delhi-Haryana To Take Only 7 Mins; All About It

Some of the biggest cities in India have the worst traffic. As such, if you’re looking to travel a long distance close to the city by road, chances are that you’ll get stuck in horrible traffic. Well, not anymore. Soon, which means sometime in 2026, travelling close to cities will be a breeze, quite literally. Delhi may get air taxis soon which will reduce travelling time between Delhi and Haryana significantly. Here are all the details that you need to know about it!

Delhi To Get Air Taxis By 2026; Travelling Time To Haryana To Reduce

The parent company of IndiGo, InterGlobe Enterprises, has recently announced a partnership with an electric air taxi company based in California, Archer Aviation. Once the service is launched, it will revolutionise urban mobility. According to an article recently published by Times Now, it will reduce the time taken to travel from Delhi to Haryana.

Where now it takes a total of 1.5 hours to travel from Connaught Place or CP to Gurugram in Haryana, it will only take seven minutes to travel the total distance of 27 kilometres. According to an article recently published by Business Today, the partnership is contingent upon regulatory clearances and approvals. The acquisition of as many as 200 Midnight aircraft by Archer will be funded by the partnership.

The Midnight is a piloted four-seater electric aircraft. It is an eVTOL that is designed for fast and consecutive flights. It also requires minimised charging time between flights which means that it can transport more passengers quicker. The fact that it is electrically powered also means that it is environmentally friendly and would not contribute to the already worsening air quality of Delhi.

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Low-Noise Aircraft; Company To Expand Operations

In addition to being environmentally friendly, the Midnight aircraft also generates minimal sound. This means that it won’t contribute much to noise pollution either. What is more, the company is also looking to expand operations in other sectors. It aims to also start services for logistical transport, medical and emergency transport services and even cargo services.

Many people are looking forward to this initiative. Take a look: –

While the initiative seems like it’s off to a great start, there are still questions that are worth asking. How accessible will it be to the people who do not belong to the upper class? And it’s also worth asking whether the country has the required infrastructure to not only support this but also to consistently maintain this air taxi service.

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Do you think the cities have sufficient infrastructure to support such air taxis and maintain them consistently? Let us know in the comments section below!

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