Internet Is Wowing Over Mom’s Water Burgers, But Indians Have Mastered The Art Long Ago

by Shreya Ghosh
Internet Is Wowing Over Mom’s Water Burgers, But Indians Have Mastered The Art Long Ago

Another day, another food trend, and another viral video! If you enjoy watching online videos of cooking and baking, you surely come across different unique recipes every day. Today, we just found a recipe for burgers that you can gorge on anytime without thinking much about those extra calories. No oil and grease has been used in frying the patties. Are you surprised how is this even possible?

Mom Makes Water Burgers; Calls Them Good!

Joshua Godfrey (@joshandmomma) has stunned everyone by dropping a recipe for burgers. The mother makes yummy burgers without grilling or frying the patties.


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The video opens with the mom putting hamburger patties in a huge pan filled with water. She lets it cook for some time and then flips one patty after another after everything is cooked well. In the next step, she drains some water and lets everything cook for more time until the water is reduced. Joshua’s mom not only just replaces oil for making burgers, but she also uses bread slices instead of buns. To make the water burger-cum-sandwich, she adds ketchup, mustard, a cheese slice, and the boiled patty on a bread slice.

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Netizens are quite surprised watching this recipe for water burgers. When it comes to such savoury food, we can never think of making them without frying ingredients in oil. But this mom surely changed the burger-cooking game and showed everyone how oil is not a mandate in cooking hamburgers.

Indian Cuisine Has Delicious Recipes Where Boiling Is A MAJOR Part!

Water Burgers
Picture credit- Canva

Internet users are getting surprised to see the recipe in mid-2023. But Indians are excelling in the art of cooking by boiling since decades ago. Indian cuisine is a house of gastronomical treasures and you will find anything and everything from salty, savoury, spicy, and sweets. Some of the most savoured dishes of this cuisine are made by boiling in water. Not only frying the spices to get the perfect aroma and flavours, but boiling is also very common to prepare these dishes.

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From Gatte Ki Sabzi to Keema Goli, boiling is an important part of these recipes. In fact, there are tons of Indian desserts that are prepared by boiling milk for hours like Kheer and Payesh.

Have you tried any of these Indian dishes?

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