Viral Video Shows 2000 Kg Gulkand Made In Factory; Netizens Aren’t Impressed By Sugar In It!

by Sanjana Shenoy
Viral Video Shows 2000 Kg Gulkand Made In Factory; Netizens Aren’t Impressed By Sugar In It!

While we usually slather our toast with jam or marmalade, seldom do we know how they are made. Now, thanks to social media we often get a sneak peek of the behind-the-scenes videos of our favourite foods. This time, a food vlogger shared a video of the making of 2000 kg of gulkand in a factory and Netizens weren’t quite impressed by the amount of sugar that goes in it.

Food Vlogger Shares Video Of Factory Workers Preparing Gulkand From Scratch

Popular food vlogger, Amar Sirohi known as ‘foodie_incarnate’ on Instagram and YouTube recently shared a video showing the making of a whopping 2000 kg of gulkand in Gujarat. And in just a span of 6 days, the video garnered a whopping 2.8 million likes and 1.6 lakh views. Well, this goes on to show how Netizens in India are intrigued by the making of gulkand, a kind of jam or marmalade made with rose petals.


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The video shows a group of workers emptying bags of plastic bags filled with rose petals on the floor. Then, using the help of a fan, the gentle force of a fan, the rose petals get separated from the stems. Once the rose petals are separated and gathered, they are emptied into a green tub. Next, the workers skillfully mix the rose petals with large quantities of sugar to make sure the flavours are integrated thoroughly.

The rose petal-sugar mixture is kept over a sugar layer again. Once the rose petals are mixed with sugar by hand, they are transferred into steel containers. Here, they are sundried over the next two months till they eventually soak up the sweetness of the sugar and turn into the ooey gooey goodness of gulakand, that we all love.

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Netizens Feel It’s Unhealthy As It Has Alot Of Sugar

Gulkand, is well-known in Ayurveda for being a natural body-cooler. It’s often mixed with water and consumed during the summer season. Packed with antioxidants, it’s known to help prevent heat strokes and prevent excessive bleeding during menstruation. It has a calming effect on the skin and prevents acne too.

Netizens shared their opinions in the comments section of this gulkand-making video. Many questioned gulkand for being healthy in the first place due to the alarming amounts of sugar used to prepare it. Others weren’t impressed with the workers stepping on the rose petals with their bare feet. Some others pointed to the houseflies flying over the vessels filled with rose petals and sugar.

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Meanwhile, what do you think about this video? Does this entice you to eat gulkand or make you stay away from it?

Cover Image Courtesy: foodie_incarnate/ Instagram