Iranian Refugee Who Lived In Airport For 18 Years, Inspiring Tom Hanks Film ‘The Terminal’ Dies

by Sanmita A
Iranian Refugee Who Lived In Airport For 18 Years, Inspiring Tom Hanks Film ‘The Terminal’ Dies

The Terminal, released in 2004, starring Tom Hanks, was directed by the iconic filmmaker Steven Spielberg. This film spoke of the situation of an Iranian refugee, Mehran Karimi Nasseri, who resided in an airport last week; on November 12, 2022, Mehran passed away due to a heart attack. He lived at the airport for nearly 18 years, and his unusual story inspired the film, The Terminal. Here’s more to know about Mehran & his story.

The Terminal — Iranian Refugee Breathes His Last At Paris Airport

The Terminal
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It was the year 1988 when Mehran couldn’t board his flight from the Paris Airport. He was stuck inside the airport since he had lost his documents. From 1988 to 2006, he was at the airport. As reported by CNN, he died on Saturday at Terminal 2F, where the airport’s medical team declared him dead. He again returned to live in the Paris airport in mid-September. Mehran shared a bond with the officials at the airport. CNN reported that the airport community in Paris looked after him well. Mehran was the iconic man on whom The Terminal focused.

The news reported that Mehran was allowed to live in France due to his extended stay at the airport. However, Mehra wished to return to England. England was the original destination he wanted to reach back then in 1988.

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More About The Life Of Mehran

A lawyer had also taken up Mehran’s case to take him to his preferred destination. The lawyer tried to get his documents back, and in 1995, he was also permitted to live in Belgium. The only condition is, he would reside in the country as a social worker. However, Mehran defied the grant and said he only wished to return to England, as per his original plan.

In 2007, Mehran moved from the airport. He lived at a hotel near the Paris Hotel until he moved to a charity centre in Paris.

Spielberg approached Mehran in the year 2003 & even bought the rights to his story. In the film, The Terminal, the plot does focus on Mehran’s situation.

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