Is It Illegal For Unmarried Couples In India To Stay In A Hotel?

by Shreya Ghosh
Is It Illegal For Unmarried Couples In India To Stay In A Hotel?

The answer to the question ‘is it legal for unmarried couples to stay in a hotel in India’ is different from person to person. While some believe that it is completely fine to stay with your partner consensually, others believe it to be obscene and even mention it as a crime. People and their perspectives always differ. But unmarried couples are actually allowed to stay together in a hotel in India and it is not illegal.

Indians Have Not Really Accepted All Changes In Society

With years passing by, Indians and their deep-rooted thoughts are slowly changing along with modernisation. Most things are not as similar in society as they were a few decades back. The lifestyle and people’s perception of the changes in society are shifting slowly. Indians are accepting things quickly and becoming open-minded about modernisation. Though Indians are accepting most changes, many still believe that relationships before marriage are something as not ‘appropriate’. People often consider spending time, travelling, sitting together, or walking hand in hand as unmarried couples as inappropriate. The privacy of these couples in India is very little and even booking rooms while travelling can lead to many problems

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Unmarried Couples Can Spend Time Together In A Hotel In India

It is nowhere mentioned in any law of India that an unmarried couple is not allowed to stay together in a hotel in the country. Nothing denies against them and their choice of staying together in a room. The law has never created an issue for these couples but the hotel managers do not always go by the law when it comes to unmarried couples.

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There are uncountable hotels in the country that do not allow these couples to stay together in a room. Partners more than 18 years of age carrying valid identity proof can stay together in a hotel room. No law ever prohibited this and it is completely the choice of the couple to decide.