Isha Ambani And Anand Piramal’s House Costs A Whooping ₹450Cr And Our Mind Is Blown

It’s a well-known fact that the Ambanis have a LOT of money. So much in fact that they can probably burn their cash the way Pablo Escobar did to keep his family warm and still have enough to buy all of India. No expenses were spared at Mukesh Ambani’s daughter, Isha’s wedding. If reports are believed to be true, the family spent approximately ₹750 crores on the wedding festivities alone. It was the wedding the decade with even Beyonce performing for the guests. And one can just imagine how much it must have cost to get her to India. But that is not what we are going to be talking about today. Today is all about the place that Anand Piramal and Isha Ambani call home. It comes with a price tag of ₹450 crores ($62 million)! And here’s all we know about it.

Isha Ambani Anand Piramal

Image credits: Reuters

Isha Ambani’s House, Gulita In Mumbai Is Worth ₹450 crores

Located in Worli, Gulita is hard to miss. With the kind of architecture on display, it stands out among the skyscrapers and heritage buildings in South Bombay. The house was gifted to the couple by Anand Piramal’s parents, Ajay and Swati Piramal. It doesn’t come as a surprise that their wedding gift is so expensive considering that Piramal is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies. Gulita faces the Arabian Sea and offers a beautiful view of the sea. I mean, who doesn’t dream about owning a sea-facing house? We would be content with just a 1RK if it faced the sea.

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Isha Ambani Anand Piramal

Image credits: DNA India

The house is spread over 50,000sqft and has 5 floors in it. And those are just features of the exteriors. On the inside, the house has multiple dining rooms, a pool, a temple, three basements, servant quarters and more. It’s so self-functional that you won’t even have to step out of the house. And if Isha feels home-sick, she has a house worth $2 billion to go to. Her family resides in Antilla which is the most expensive house in the world after Buckingham Palace.

All we are saying is that if there are any openings in the household, we’ll take it up without blinking an eyelid!

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