It Was A Big Decision To Choose Cricket As A Profession In The 80s For Sachin Tendulkar

by Ankita Mazumdar
It Was A Big Decision To Choose Cricket As A Profession In The 80s For Sachin Tendulkar

The Master Blaster of the Indian Cricket team will forever remain a mighty inspiration for many across the globe. Sachin Tendulkar is a legendary cricket player! His sheer dedication, passion, and willpower has won many hearts during his long cricket career. We caught up with Sachin Tendulkar to celebrate our 100th episode of Sunday Brunch. 

Our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, interviewed the iconic and humble Sachin Tendulkar and talked about sports, Mumbai and love of its food, and his life before and after retirement from Cricket. Check out the whole video linked below to know more.

Sachin Tendulkar Took A Huge Step In Choosing Cricket As A Profession In The 80s 

We asked him a very specific question, whether he had any idea about the impact he would have on the entire world. Sachin replies that he was rather very ignorant of the responsibilities one has to take on to lift the World Cup for your country during his childhood days. 

He watched India hold onto the World Cup in 1983, and everyone was overjoyed. He had the same feeling but along with that, at the back of his mind, the idea to hold the same World Cup had started germinating. 

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For that, he is very much thankful to his parents who supported him. He says, “I am so grateful that my parents gave me the freedom to express myself and be what I want to be.” Back in the 1980s, immediate salary-giving jobs were preferred over other recreational jobs as it was considered as a hobby.

He Happily Gave Us Some Marriage Advice

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Sachin and Anjali Tendulkar got married in the year 1995. They have had a blissful marriage, and we wanted to know some of his marriage advice. Sachin cheekily replies that your partner is always the right one. Further, he laughs and clarifies that in his case, mostly it is Anjali who gives in and lets it go.

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Tune into this amazing Sunday Brunch episode and celebrate with us, our 100th milestone with THE Sachin Tendulkar! Learn more about his sports journey, enjoy the fun little trivia game we played, and plans during his retirement era.

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