It Was All Yellow! Sunflowers Blooming Near National Highway 766 In Variyad Is Luring Visitors

by Shreya Ghosh
It Was All Yellow! Sunflowers Blooming Near National Highway 766 In Variyad Is Luring Visitors

Summer season can be intolerable and unbearable with its scorching heat. It is true that many of us absolutely hate this season but we cannot deny the fact that nature looks so alluring and magnificent at this time. Seasonal flowers blooming around us look so pretty. If you are travelling on the National Highway 766 at Variyad, you will spot vast beds of sunflowers passing through. This scenic sight at Variyad in Wayanad is a must-visit when travelling here.

Visitors Are Arriving Here To Witness The Beauty Of Sunflowers

Picture credit- Canva

These beautiful sunflowers are blooming bright in farmland at Variyad, according to a report by Onmanorama. Huge areas covered by vibrant yellow flowers look extraordinary and no one is leaving the opportunity to miss this beautiful sight. Visitors travelling through this place are making sure to drop by here and even click some pictures of the sunflowers blooming on this farmland in Variyad.

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Thousands of visitors travel on this National Highway daily to reach their destination. Wayanad is a popular destination in Kerala and summer vacation is a great time to pack your bags and leave for a holiday here.

Tourists Are Exploring Wayand & Watching These Beautiful Flowers

It is said that these flowers were scattered in huge areas of more than 4 acres. Farmers are continuing to sow these seeds for some years now. They are doing this in different parts of Wayanad and all these places are luring many visitors during the summer season. Everyone is thronging here to witness the beauty of yellow sunflowers standing bright and tall in vast areas.

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Are you also planning to spend your summer holidays in Wayanad? If yes, you surely need to check out the place close to National Highway 766 in Variyad to witness such huge sunflower beds.

If you are wondering how you can visit here, here’s an easy route. This place is about 10 km away from Kalpetta. After reaching Kalpetta, travel towards Bathery side on National Highway 766.

So are you planning to visit this place and explore the beauty of sunflowers? If yes, do let us know your experiences!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva