It’s 2023 & Northeast India Still Doesn’t Have A Single Visa Stamping Facility

by Shreya Ghosh
It’s 2023 & Northeast India Still Doesn’t Have A Single Visa Stamping Facility

Northeast India is one of India’s most beautiful yet less explored parts. Millions of Indians are residents of the “Seven Sisters” of India. Unfortunately, the states of Northeast India do not have the privilege to enjoy all the fundamental conveniences and facilities. The people living here do not have at least one visa stamping facility even standing at this point in time. They are unable to utilise such basic amenities for so many years now and it is growing to be a problem for thousands and lakhs of people planning to visit international countries. They need to cover a long distance for visa stamping facilities.

Northeast India Does Not Have A Visa Stamping Facility Even In 2023!

Northeast India
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Getting your visas stamped is the most crucial step for an international journey. And Northeast India sadly does not have any such facilities. Instead, they need to visit Kolkata to complete the visa stamping process. Travelling to a different state far away from their homes is surely turning out to be a problem for many, especially seeing how the number of travellers visiting abroad is increasing.

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Visiting Kolkata from Northeast India to get their visa stamped takes a lot of time. If they get the facilities in their states, they will not need to travel hundreds and thousands of miles. This will help them in saving time and also needless expenses.

Why Is It Essential To Get A Visa Stamping Facility?

The first and foremost help of a visa stamping facility will be that the residents will get the opportunity to skip the long journey to Kolkata and get their job done close to their homes only. It will also be a massive help for all those students who are planning to study abroad. They can save a lot of time and also save the money required to travel to an all-new city to get their visas stamped. Setting up a visa stamping facility will be a major boon by providing new job facilities for the locals. It can even be super beneficial to the business sector and tourism sector.

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It is now a massive necessity for the Northeast India government to set up a visa stamping facility.

Cover Image Courtesy: Pixabay