It’s Taco Tuesday And Chef Saransh Goila Has The Perfect Recipe That You Can Make! Watch.

saransh goila taco recipe
by Shreya Rathod

The traditional Mexican dish, taco, has gained popularity across the globe. There are various taco joints that serve some of the most mouthwatering ones. Now, taco is traditionally made with meat, beans, vegetables, seafood and cheese. But we have found the Indian version of the taco! Watch Chef Saransh Goila whip up a tasty taco recipe to serve at your Taco Tuesday!

Chef Saransh Goila Makes A Perfect Taco Recipe


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Aloo tikki is one of the most loved dishes in India, especially in chaat recipes. But have you tried making tacos with them? Chef Saransh Goila has whipped up a recipe for Aloo Tikki Tacos! On his Instagram, he shared a video of the recipe. It starts with making aloo tikki with boiled potatoes, green chillies, onions, saunf and spices like salt, aamchur powder, and others.

After preparing the mix, he makes little balls and places them on the tawa with hot ghee. Then, he places a roti and smashes it until it is cooked. After that, he places a cheese slice and covers it till the cheese melts. By adding sauce, shredded lettuce, tomato slices and other raw vegetables, assembles the taco.

The caption of his post stated that viral smash tacos are going viral and the chef is making the desi version. It further stated that this recipe has the potential of becoming the taco of the town.

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Not The Only Taco Recipe


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On Instagram, Chef Saransh Goila shared a video recipe for taco made with Rajasthani sangri. Traditional Rajasthani dish known as Ker Sangri is prepared with local berries and dry beans. The dish captures both the history of the Thar Desert and the creativity of its inhabitants. It is made using locally produced, dried ker berries and sangri beans.

The traditional taco is made with tortilla, a special type of Mexican flatbread. Tacos can be compared to dishes like burritos, which are frequently bigger and folded rather than rolled, taquitos, which are rolled and fried, or chalupas/tostadas, in which the tortilla is fried before being filled.

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Some people assert that the taco predates the arrival of the Spanish in Mexico.

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