Chef Saransh Goila Gets A Tour Of The Cockpit On His 50th Flight This Year

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by Shreya Rathod

The winner of the Food Food Maha Challenge, Saransh Goila is the founder of Goila Butter Chicken. In fact, he is also the author of the food travelogue ‘India on My Platter’. He has an Instagram account where you could watch different recipe videos. Recently, for taking the 50th flight this year, Saransh Goila got a tour of the cockpit — here’s everything about it!

Chef Saransh Goila Gets Tour Of The Cockpit!


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In his Instagram post, Chef Saransh Goila shared pics of his tour of the cockpit. The pics showed him with captain Rahul Verma, the co-pilot of the IndiGo flight from Mumbai to Dubai. The post read that it was his 50th flight of the year and he got a tour of the cockpit. He also shared that he got to learn some facts about a pilot’s life.

He made an entry in 2014 for the “Longest road journey by a Chef” in the Limca Book of Records.
On Masterchef Australia in 2018, where participants had to prepare their rendition of Butter Chicken, he was invited to serve as a special guest judge from India.

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Netizens React To This Amazing Tour


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Netizens are amazed at the chef’s tour of the cockpit. One of the users stated that he looked like George Clooney’s character up in the air. Another user asked if the captain was not questioned by the airline authorities.

A user shared that she visited the cockpit twice and tells it was an amazing experience. Other users loved the tour and asked him to enjoy it.

Recently, he posted his love for Sri Lankan cuisine on Instagram. He also shared pics of the delicious meal that included Indiappa with Potato Curry, Pol Sambol, Kiribath, Onion Sambol, Dahl, etc.

Apart from this, he also shared his favourite dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And that too, of so many different kinds including sweet, plain, egg and coconut cream.

The chef is also known for making some crazy dishes like Thai pani puri, jackfruit katsu curry, anda kadi patta, cherry cola and more!

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