Chef Saransh Goila Makes Desi Version Of Bubble Shrimp With Paneer & We’re Drooling

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Chef Saransh Goila Makes Desi Version Of Bubble Shrimp With Paneer & We’re Drooling

All the people who follow Chef Saransh Goila on Instagram surely know how much fun he mixes with cooking. People who think cooking is a boring task, must follow him for some fun and delishaas recipes. This time he has given a desi twist to the famous Bubble Shrimp dish, which is loved across the globe. He actually prepared a vegetarian version with paneer and onions, and we are drooling!

Chef Saransh Goila Makes Bubble Paneer


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You all must have tried or heard of Bubble shrimp or prawns. But here is Chef Saransh Goila with a desi version, and he calls it Bubble Paneer. He shared a video of himself preparing this dish on Instagram.

He began the recipe by mixing 2/3 cups of corn flour, 1.5 tbsp baking powder, 30g maida, and salt in a bowl. Next, he added 3 egg whites, 45 ml of water, and 1/2 cup of vegetable oil to it. He then made a smooth batter out of all these ingredients. 

Then he diced 250 grams of fresh paneer and dipped them all in the batter. He then deep fried these paneer pieces in oil. The paneer pieces dipped in batter looked like small bubbles after they were fried. 

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Netizens Are Loving It

Credits: @saranshgoila/Instagram

Chef Saransh Goila is known for his innovative and amazing recipes. He has also recommended that one can replace paneer with onion and continue the same recipe. 

Netizens loved this recipe and the amazing twist that Saransh added. People showered the comments section with heart emojis and reactions. Many of them asked him if they could skip eggs as it is Shravan month. But the softness in the bubble is probably because of the egg, so replacing it might not be an option. 

Many also praised him for his easy recipes and the way he presents them in a fun way. Others also requested different recipes or versions of the same. 

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Will you try this recipe?

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