Jaipur International Airport To Get 3 Departure Gates, New Lounge, Dedicated Lanes & More

Jaipur International Airport is undergoing a major renovation at the moment. Lots of exciting things are coming up.

by Shreya Ghosh
Jaipur International Airport To Get 3 Departure Gates, New Lounge, Dedicated Lanes & More

Passenger footfall is increasing in most airports worldwide as more and more people are choosing the comfort of flying to their destinations. The demand for flight tickets is only seeing a rise, especially during the peak holiday season and it indeed is good news for aviation and tourism industries. Jaipur International Airport is undergoing a major renovation project that includes expanding to handle more passengers, getting new lanes, constructing departure gates, and so much more.

Jaipur International Airport Will Get New Departure Gates

Jaipur International Airport
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

The Jaipur airport has only 2 departure gates but now the scheduled plan is to increase these in numbers for the convenience of everyone boarding flights from there. With a spike in passenger numbers, the traffic outside the airport gets too intense at times. These incidents cause a lot of problems for people visiting the airport either to catch a flight or drop off their loved ones. Between the rush of getting inside with all the bags, the congestion becomes an unnecessary but unavoidable issue.

3 new departure gates are coming at the Jaipur International Airport to take care of the crazy traffic. In conversation with The Times of India, a spokesperson of the airport shared some necessary information about the project of new departure gates. The departure gates of the terminal building will get 2 lanes. A total of 5 departure gates and 10 lanes will ease the experience of getting inside the terminal for the flyers.

Accessing 10 lanes will bring the chance to enjoy an enhanced journey. Among these 10 lanes, 9 will be for passengers and 1 will be dedicated for the staff and employees. The renovation project has many spectacular plans to expand the airport and build new additions for better experiences for everyone. Along with 3 new departure gates, the Jaipur International Airport will get lanes for VIPs as well.

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What Are The Other Things That Are Coming Up At The Airport?

Jaipur International Airport
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons
  • The total seating capacity of the Jaipur International Airport has been expanded with 100 more seats.
  • A brand new lounge will be coming up very soon. The construction project for this has begun already. Lounging and relaxing experiences will be a lot better.
  • The address of the boarding gate has been changed to the first floor of the airport’s departure area.
  • Even the security area is getting renovated with the installation of two X-ray machines.
  • In addition to all the changes inside the airport, the entry and exit gates are undergoing some makeover as well.

There are a total of 40 check-in counters functioning at the Jaipur International Airport right now. In the departure place of Terminal 2, there were 26 counters already. Later, 14 more were added.

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The passenger traffic is about to see a rise of 7 per cent 10 cent year on year, as per The Times of India report. All these new changes and installations will be helpful for better travel experiences. Passengers, are you excited to check out all these fascinating renovated additions at the Jaipur International Airport?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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