Jaipur Street Food Joints To Get ‘Clean’ Status For Maintaining Hygiene Standards And Safety

by Sanjana Shenoy
Jaipur Street Food Joints To Get ‘Clean’ Status For Maintaining Hygiene Standards And Safety

India’s street food has spread its aroma across the world. Every nook and cranny of India boasts unique street food and refreshing local beverages. From crunchy dosas, chatpata chaats, succulent kebabs, wholesome vada pav the list goes on and on. While street food is known for being delicious, there’s also a concern about it being prepared in often unhygienic conditions. This can lead to the birth of diseases. In order to ensure both hygiene and safety of street food in India, the health department shall reward a  tag of “clean street food hub” to a cluster of street food joints. This is after inspection and training. Jaipur is the first state to receive the “clean” status tag for its street food joints. Read on to know more.

Jaipur Street Food Joints To Get “Clean Status” Tag

The Health Department has identified Masala Chowk and Gaurav Tower in Jaipur as two street food clusters that provide safe and hygienic food. The Health Department wishes to work with the clusters of eateries and develop them into “clean street food hub”. The Health Department will conduct training for the vendors to help them follow the best hygiene practices and prepare food that’s clean and safe for consumption. According to a Times Of India report, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is working with Rajasthan as it has already issued guidelines to be followed in order to get the “clean street food hub’ tag.

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Street Food Vendors To Get Training On Maintaining Hygiene & Safety

Dr Ravi Prakash Sharma, the additional director of the health department revealed to TOI, that they prepared a list of places where street food vendors operate in clusters. He further added that their mission is to ensure that food handlers are clean, use clean water for drinking and cooking. They must also don hand gloves, aprons, headgears and face masks. The food vendors will be trained and the area will be declared s clean street food hub, only after proper guidelines are followed.  This initiative will not only help foodies consume street food without any hesitation but also promote regional cuisines and local culture. Meanwhile, here are the top 10 things you can do in Jaipur.