Jammu & Kashmir’s Gulmarg And Tangmarg Get A Stunning Makeover! Details Inside

by Shreya Ghosh

Jammu & Kashmir is home to splendid natural beauty! Everywhere you look, you will be mesmerised with its stunning natural aura. Gulmarg and Tangmarg are two of the most breathtaking destinations here. A trip to Kashmir is simply incomplete without travelling to these alluring places. Now there are more reasons to add these two towns of the Baramullah district to your Kashmir bucket list. Why is it a must to plan a holiday here? Let’s find that out!

New Additions, Transformations At Gulmarg & Tangmarg Look Incredible


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The Urban Local Bodies (ULB) Kashmir made some great transformations in these two Kashmiri towns and the results look absolutely incredible and more developed. According to a report by Hindustan Times, the Urban Local Bodies Kashmir said yes to the beautification plan to give a grand makeover to Gulmarg and Tangmarg. After receiving the approval, the Municipal Committee of Gulmarg and Tangmarg began working on the project.

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A total budget of ₹1.64 crore was spent on giving a makeover to these towns in North Kashmir. The transformation includes renovations, reconstruction, elevating the existing infrastructure, installing viewpoints, and beautifying these places.

Here Are Some Of The Expenditure Details Of These Places’ Beautification Projects:


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  • Out of the total expenditure of ₹1.64 crore on this project, GPO1 park received a total of ₹1.23 lakh.
  • For GPO2, the amount was ₹12.33 lakhs.
  • Also, ₹16.36 lakh was spent on GPO3 at Tangmarg.
  • An investment of ₹20 lakhs was made for working on enhancing the CTPT facilities and washrooms in Gulmarg and Tangmarg.
  • For Tangmarg’s Sher-e-Kashmir, the investment was ₹29.70 lakhs. This amount was for all the reconstruction works along with the new fencing.
  • Investment has been provided for many public facilities as well. Redeveloping the public park close to the bus stand received ₹2.69 lakhs.
  • The Toll Plaza received an amount of ₹10.99 lakhs.
  • Also, an extra amount of ₹2.66 lakhs was invested for working on boom barriers and road strips near this plaza.
  • ₹18.24 lakh was spent on reconstructing the Municipality Office and Town Hall in Tangmarg.

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Have you been to these beautiful towns in North Kashmir before?

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