This is World’s Only Floating Post Office And It’s On Beautiful Kashmir Dal Lake

by Shreya Ghosh
This is World’s Only Floating Post Office And It’s On Beautiful Kashmir Dal Lake

Kashmir is home to unmatchable natural beauty. Haseen Vadiya of the majestic mountains, lakes, and natural aura here will mesemerise you. Without any second thought, it is one of India’s most picturesque destinations. The allure and charm of the destination are admired not only in India but all around the world. Along with such scenic surroundings, another thing that makes Kashmir popular in the world is its floating post office. Yes, you read that correctly! Everyone’s favourite tourist attraction Dal Lake has a post office floating on the turquoise waters and you surely need to check it out on your holiday here.

Take A Virtual Trip To The World’s Only Floating Post Office With Us!

Here’s a beautiful picture of the one of its kind post office shred by RaiNupur Tours on its Twitter page @RainupurTours.

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The world is truly a wonderful place and nature always impresses us with its magic. From floating markets to floating lakes, there is even a floating post office and it is believed that the post office on the Dal Lake is the first and only of its kind in the entire world. Surrounded by lush greenery and splendid views, the postal services on a maroon houseboat began here long back, many decades ago.

According to a report by Zee News, this post office is in service ever since the British period in our country. The facilities are continuing here for the residents for about 2 centuries. After decades of service, it was renovated and inaugurated in 2011. Though this is a declining industry, the floating post office on a beautifully carved houseboat in Kashmir is surely predominant. 

It Is A Popular Tourist Attraction!

floating post office
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

No one wants to leave the opportunity to witness something so extraordinary. The floating post office is majorly famous among visitors from all around the globe. It is really so surprising to see postal services continuing on a houseboat surrounded by such magnificent sights and running for so long. There is also a museum that takes you a step closer to the rich culture and heritage of this place.

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Kashmir has always been most Bollywood filmmakers’ favourite shooting destination and this post office has been shown in many Hindi movies.

If you are planning a holiday in Kashmir, make sure to add this historical landmark to your itinerary.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Zahid Wani🗨 @zahidwani123