Jammu & Kashmir To Organise 2-Day Mega Tourism Festival In Lal Draman In Doda! Details Inside

by Shreya Rathod
Jammu & Kashmir To Organise 2-Day Mega Tourism Festival In Lal Draman In Doda! Details Inside

Located in Jammu’s Doda, is a hill station named Lal Draman. The town is covered with lofty deodar and fir trees. Additionally, it hosts Grameen-cum-Tourism Mela every year depicting the cultural programs of the place. This year, one such tourist festival is going to take place for two days in Lal Draman!

Get Ready For The Mega Festival In Lal Draman In Doda!

lal draman festival
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In the high-altitude resort town of Lal Draman in the Doda district, the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department will hold a two-day festival beginning on August 5. The two-day Lal Draman festival (Youth Conclave) will take place in the vast Lal Dramen meadows. It is slated to begin, according to the Department of Information and PR website of the J&K government. Marathons, zip-lining, kabaddi, and cultural events are among the adventure sports and activities planned for the festival.

The Jammu Kashmir Academy of Art and Culture, the Doda district administration, and the Directorate of Tourism, Jammu, are in charge of organising the event. It aims to encourage tourism in the area and highlight the natural beauty and cultural legacy of the area.

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The Lal Draman in the Doda district will conduct a two-day tourism promotion mela on August 5 and 6. The purpose of the event, according to Jammu’s Director of Tourism Vivekanand Rai, is to promote tourism in the area and highlight its natural beauty and cultural legacy.

A Popular Tourist Spot In Jammu And Kashmir

lal draman festival
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Lal Draman is a popular tourist destination in the Doda district. And it receives seasonal visits from both local and international visitors. Tourists go there during the winter to engage in winter activities like skiing because there is typically a 6-7 foot snowfall. The area’s stunning scenery, picturesque picnic areas, and cultural events are what draw most visitors.

Every year in the summer, the Grameen-cum-Tourism Mela is held to showcase the Doda district’s culture through a variety of cultural performances in Sirazi, Bhaderwahi, Kashmiri, and Urdu. On that day, numerous other sports, including horse racing, volleyball, kabaddi, daku dances, animal exhibits, and other events are also performed.

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So, are you ready for this mega tourist festival happening in Doda, Jammu?

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