Hip-Hop Turns 50: Celebrate History and the Future With These Amazing Events And Exhibits In NYC 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Hip-Hop Turns 50: Celebrate History and the Future With These Amazing Events And Exhibits In NYC 

Hip-Hop’s 50th anniversary will be its most memorable year ever! Hip-hop was born on August 11, 1973, at a gathering in the recreation room of a Bronx apartment complex at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue. This year will be a lot of fun as every part of the world celebrates 50 golden years of hip-hop. From themed music nights to amazing exhibits, here is how New York City will be celebrating this golden anniversary. 

Hip Hop Turns 50

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Take a look at what NYC has to offer!

  1. Grandmaster Flash and Friends performance: Hear from the renowned Grandmaster Flash and his friends at the “Birth of a Culture” concert, which is free and takes place as part of Summer Stage in the Bronx. At Crotona Park, the performance is on Friday, August 4. 
  2. The Book of HOV is on view at the Brooklyn Public Library: Roc Nation put together the exhibition as a surprise for the well-known hip-hop artist. 
  3. Gather Round: Every Wednesday in July at 6pm Manhattan West Plaza will host four free performances of street dance and music as part of this festival.
  4. Collection Of Cultures: The programme will conclude with a two-day summit from August 3–4 in Queens to examine hip-hop’s history and its emergence in all spheres of society, including higher education, other musical genres, and other art forms.
  5. Real Rap: Hip-Hop Star Power on Screen: A Film Series at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria
  6. Sampling: Local kids worked together to create a collaborative public mural in Soho dedicated to hip-hop.
  7. Lincoln Centre’s Hip-Hop Week: From August 9 to 12, Lincoln Centre for the Performing Arts will host many events dedicated to hip-hop.
  8. Circle Line Hip Hop Boat Party: A boat tour company will be celebrating 50 years of amazingness on August 10 with New York’s skyline view as cherry on the cake. 
  9. Ladies Night: Women Who Shaped Hip-Hop in New York City: A panel discussion between journalists, women artists and other creatives. 

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There’s More !

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  1. [R]Evolution of Hip Hop: It was here where it all started, in the Bronx, hence, head to Terminal Market for the exhibit. 
  2. BRIC Hip-Hop 50th Anniversary Weekend: August 11–12, they will be celebrating an anniversary weekend, with August 12 being a filmy night. 
  3. Uptown Bounce: It is the most famous block party of the three Manhattan Museums. 
  4. Hip Hop Til Infinity: With an immersive exhibit at the Hall des Lumieres, know more about history. 
  5. Trusted Mic Hip Hop Music Nights: Expect dances, cocktails, surprise performances, amazing vibes, and more. 
  6. Hip Hop At 50: Janette Beckham, a photographer, will celebrate it with many pictures. 
  7. Hip Hop 50 Live at Yankee Stadium: On August 11, some of the biggest names in this genre will perform. 
  8. Landmark Festival: From a lineup of performances and DJs to a record fair

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Where are you heading to?

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