Japanese Ambassador & Wife Explore Sarojini Nagar, Enjoy Aloo Tikki, Momo And Ram Laddu

by Shreya Ghosh
Japanese Ambassador & Wife Explore Sarojini Nagar, Enjoy Aloo Tikki, Momo And Ram Laddu

India and Indians are known all around the world for so many reasons. Be it beautiful travel destinations or lip-smacking delicacies and authentic cuisine, diverse culture, rich history, or something else, there are so many key reasons that make everyone fall in love with the country. When in India, relishing street food is a must. Recently, the Japanese Ambassador was in Delhi and he enjoyed some delicious food.

Japanese Ambassador Visited Delhi’s Iconic Sarojini Nagar

YouTuber मायो जापान Mayo Japan shared a video of the ambassador and his wife exploring the most famous market and relishing popular street food. Well, not just enjoying good food, he even said a few lines in Hindi.

Hiroshi Suzuki is the Ambassador of Japan in India. He shared in the YouTube video how he has been in India for the past 7 months. He talked about enjoying the stay so much. The YouTuber made a dance video with the ambassador and then took him and his wife to visit Delhi’s famous Sarojini Nagar.

A trip to the national capital seems very much incomplete without exploring and shopping from this market. Well, Sarojini Nagar is not only famous for the uncountable shops selling outfits, accessories, and more at an affordable price. This place welcomes a massive number of visitors every single day to relish all the yummy street food. From gol gappa to momo, aloo tikki, there are just too many options to relish here.

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They Enjoyed Some Chatpata Aloo Tikki

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Hiroshi Suzuki, Ambassador of Japan (@HiroSuzukiAmbJP) expressed his experience of exploring Sarojini Nagar with YouTuber Mayo san.

Their exploring journey to the bustling market began with relishing some aloo tikki from a local shop. The Japanese Ambassador placed the order in Hindi language. The YouTuber taught him the phrase and he said “aloo tikki dijiye” to the vendor. Watching the video, it can be understood that the ambassador, his wife, and the YouTuber loved aloo tikki. They even enjoyed the spicy level as well.

After eating aloo tikki, they explored the crowded market, visited a few shops, did some shopping, enjoyed Delhi’s famous veg and chicken momo, ram laddu, and had a fun time.

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Have you been to Sarojini Nagar before?

Cover Image Courtesy: YouTube/ मायो जापान Mayo Japan