Jharkhand Gets A Jail-Themed Restaurant That Lets You Experience Dining Inside A Prison

by Vinita Jain
Jharkhand Gets A Jail-Themed Restaurant That Lets You Experience Dining Inside A Prison

Themed restaurants are gaining popularity day by day, especially among young people, as they offer immersive experiences that allow you to relish in the fictional worlds, enjoy different cuisines, and meet like-minded people. But, how about a prison-themed restaurant? Yes, you read that right, in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand a prison-themed restaurant, Kaidi Kitchen, has opened which offers customers a unique experience of prison dining.

Waiters Dressed As Prisoners And Guards In Handcuffs Serve People

The restaurant says it offers customers the unique experience of dining in prison. Inside, there is a prison-like seating area and waiters dressed as prisoners. There are even fake guards who wear handcuffs when entertaining guests. But Kaidi Kitchen, a prison-themed restaurant in Jamshedpur, has divided opinions.

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ANI tweeted about this and soon the pictures went viral. Images circulating online show people eating in prison cells. A man in a police uniform stands guard at a bar. The décor includes walls that look like whitewashed bricks, tall windows, and animated figures of cops and robbers. Take a look at the tweet.

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As soon as the images appeared on social media, people reacted quickly to this “unique experience.” Some found the concept “charming”, others found it “silly” and felt the “theme-based” idea went too far.

One user commented that “Ab intezar hai mujhe lavatory theme ka…jaha sab baith ke aram se khana kha sake.” Another user commented, “Days are not far when we will see a GB road-themed restaurant”. And, one user commented, “If it’s Jail theme, I guess these restaurants serve food in stinking utensils and no AC as well, sitting on plain iron benches.”

Some users said that Kolkata and Lucknow already have similar-themed restaurants.

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