Jharkhand: Govt Issues Alert After Bird Flu Cases Hit State-Run Poultry Farm; Bans Chicken Sale

Thousands of birds have been euthanised already.

by Shreya Ghosh
Jharkhand: Govt Issues Alert After Bird Flu Cases Hit State-Run Poultry Farm; Bans Chicken Sale

It has been some time since the horrifying bird flu news broke out everywhere. Sadly, cases are seeing a rise in some parts of India. According to several reports, Jharkhand is being affected by bird flu outbreak cases. The state government issued an alert in Ranchi after reporting many cases at a poultry farm in this city. Thousands of birds have been culled recently. To know more about the alert in the state, read on.

A Bird Flu Alert Issued In Ranchi!

Jharkhand Bird Flu
Picture credit- Canva

An official stated how 2,196 birds were killed at Hotwar’s Regional Poultry Farm, according to a report by India TV News. This number of birds included a total of 1,745 chickens. Also, 1,697 eggs were destroyed. The news of the shocking flu began to alarm people and raise their concerns after many cases were confirmed at the state-run poultry farm in Hotwar. The concerned authorities and departments are taking all the necessary action to bring the cases under control and not affect others.

The Jharkhand government stated updates about culling the rest of the birds at the state-run poultry. They will be euthanised at the Regional Poultry Farm in the next few days. People will also follow proper scientific procedures to dispose of them, according to a report by India.com. There are orders to conduct proper surveys as well. Concerned departments will work on this survey by starting from the epicentre and continuing it till a radius of 1 km. They will follow these steps to detect bird flu cases and then cull the birds.

H5N1 is a kind of avian influenza responsible for bird diseases. It was found during the test conducted at the ICAR-National Institute of High-Security Animal Diseases in Bhopal. The results found H5N1 in the test samples. Amid every scary news of bird flu in Jharkhand, the Union Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, and Dairying ordered the state to do all things necessary immediately to avoid worse scenarios.

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Sale Of Poultry Products Has Been Stopped

Jharkhand Bird Flu
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The Jharkhand government banned shopkeepers from selling eggs, chicken, and birds. This rule is applicable in places that fall within an area of 1 km from the bird flu outbreak’s location. In addition to this, the Animal Husbandry Department issued an advisory too. The department requested locals to let the officials know if they find any dead birds anywhere.

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Please stay very alert in such times.

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