Job Hiring In UAE Increases By 10% In Second Quarter

by Deeplata Garde
Job Hiring In UAE Increases By 10% In Second Quarter

Are you planning to migrate to UAE? And searching for a valuable job on the top of your list? Then this is a perfect time. UAE has increased 10% of its hiring power. The second quarter is observing this increased rate of hiring in the UAE. The Gulf Employment Index supports the above statement. Read ahead to understand which sectors are providing jobs in UAE.

Hiring In Public And Private Sectors Are Rising In UAE

So despite whatever sector you are looking for your job, you can turn out to be lucky to land one due to the increasing index. Now we come down to which sectors in specific are hiring in UAE. Below mentioned is the list of sectors explained in a tabular format.

Sector Percent Of Hiring
Software development 2%
Legal in-house  2%
Advisory 4%
Supply Chain  4%
Cyber security  4%
Senior finance  6%
Digital & Data 6%
Sales & Marketing  7%
Manufacturing 8%
Public sector 8%
Finance 9%
Strategy 11%
Legal private practice 13%
Banking 14%
Real State 14%
Investment 17%



Whereas the common assumption is that maximum hiring would be coming from Dubai. But reports suggest otherwise. A lot of job enquiries are coming from Abu Dhabi and Riyadh which gets followed by Dubai.

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Factors To Check Before Taking Up A Job

There are several pre and post-enquiries you need to make sure of before taking up the job. Individuals signing up for contracts and bonds should be aware of the rights they possess as an employee. Also, check your offer letter includes basic level details which make the official letter valuable. One should go through the UAE Labour Law before taking up a job in any emirates of UAE.

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