UAE Is Introducing New Visas From September And Here’s Everything To Know!

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by Deeplata Garde

Certain significant reforms were recently added to the UAE visa system. They include the introduction of new entry visas with fewer restrictions and more significant incentives for tourists and residents. The ten categories of visas are “a move that helps the country’s competitiveness in tourism, economic, and educational sectors. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, accepted the amendments published by the UAE Media Office on Monday.

Residency Visa And Expansion Of Golden Visa

A number of visas will not require a sponsor, and you can renew simultaneously. The list includes the one-year remote working visa, the five-year retirement visa, and the two-year real estate owner visa. There’s a new addition to the list and that would be a five-year resident visa i.e. UAE green visa. After a residence visa expires, the plan allows for prolonged grace periods of up to six months to remain in the country.

UAE residents can sponsor their unmarried boys till the age of 25. The current restriction is 18 years, and their unmarried daughters regardless of age.

Residents will find it simpler to get a UAE golden visa, with fewer conditions and a wider range of abilities. The enlarged categories include public and real estate investors. Similarly, the talents in disciplines like art and culture, digital technology, and athletics. This new UAE visa system has had certain major overhauls.

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The Amendment Will Strengthen The Growth Of Tourism, Job & Business Opportunities

The most important good news for travellers visiting the UAE is that tourist visas will be valid for 60 days. Earlier it existed for 30 days.
A five-year multi-entry tourist visa will allow the travellers to remain in the UAE for up to 90 days in a row. They are, however, limited to 180 days each year. But it’s mandatory to show $ 4,000 or similar value in foreign currency in the last six months for this visa.

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A new visa will allow young and qualified workers to explore career prospects without the need for a UAE host or sponsor. Those seeking to investigate investment and business possibilities will also be able to enter without the necessity for a UAE sponsor.

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