Joshimath: The Kerala Priest Who Was On His Way To Help People, Dies In An Accident

by Deeplata Garde
Joshimath: The Kerala Priest Who Was On His Way To Help People, Dies In An Accident

The crisis faced by the Joshimath populace has been on showcase. The cracks created in the area are deeper than they are visible. On Friday, Joshimath residents’ anxieties of escalating soil subsidence were heightened by the first snowfall of the season, followed by rain. Relief efforts and a survey to evaluate building damage were both successfully resumed. In this crisis, a Kerala priest couldn’t make it to the destination while he was on the way to help people.

Malayali Priest Died In Accident Before Making It To Joshimath

Father Melvin was travelling to the disaster-stricken Joshimath. He was affiliated with the Diocese of Bijnor and had independently travelled over 300 kilometres with aid supplies.

While setting on his journey to Joshimath, Priest Melvin recorded a video which was later discovered. In the video, he is seen describing the pleasant weather and how he has started his journey towards disaster-stricken Joshimath with relief items.

Wednesday morning, he drove his vehicle the 300 kilometres from Uttarakhand’s Kotdwar to Joshimath by himself. On Thursday morning, he was eventually accompanied at the priest’s residence in Joshimath by the other priest and a friend.

The saved acquaintances describe the accident. According to their statements, Father was trying to take reverse on the gorge and had asked them to place stones at the road end. But the car still overtook the stones and fell into the gorge where we lost the saviour.

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921 People Displaced After Cracks Got Developed

In the mountainous town, at least 863 buildings experienced cracking. This followed the sinking of the holy town in the Chamoli area. With the appearance of several buildings with significant cracks in the first week of January, people were forced to flee their homes and move into temporary relief camps.

We hope people are rescued from the sinking city of Joshimath.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons, Facebook/AlbinManalickal