Joshimath And 6 Other Himalayan Towns That Are On The Verge Of Sinking

by Tooba Shaikh
Joshimath And 6 Other Himalayan Towns That Are On The Verge Of Sinking

Concerns are rising since Joshimath in Uttarakhand, according to experts, is at risk of sinking. Close to two hundred families have been evacuated from the region. Moreover, all the buildings and constructions that are marked as unsafe are to be demolished. However, there is more to the story. There are 6 other Himalayan towns that are on the verge of sinking. The region of Joshimath has been declared as ecologically fragile and the situation, it seems, is no closer to being improved.

Joshimath And Six Other Himalayan Towns Might Sink

Joshimath has been struck by land subsidence and the government has declared it as such. For those of our readers who may not know, land subsidence is when the ground of a significant landmass starts to crack and sink. The areas that are affected by land subsidence are frequently prone to landslides and cracks in the ground.

Towns like Tehri, Mana, Dharasu, Harshil, Gauchar, and Pithoragarh, in addition to Joshimath, are on the verge of sinking. Many residents of Tehri have reported cracks in their homes and have requested that government officials take action. Mana, which is located right near the Chinese border, is also facing similar issues.

According to experts, since there is no thorough and extensive geological study conducted in these areas, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact location where the danger lies. The need of the hour is a thorough study of this region.

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Experts Warned Of This As Early As During The 1970s

This risk of Joshimath and other such Himalayan towns sinking was not unforeseen. Experts have been warning us of this exact scenario since as early as the 1970s. However, as is usually the case, their warnings were not heeded and were not taken seriously.

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Moreover, according to the experts, since the Himalayan region is geographically complex, nothing can be said with certainty unless thorough research and examination of the area is done.

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