Alarming! ISRO’s Latest Images Show Joshimath Sank 5.4 cm In 12 Days

by Shreya Ghosh
Alarming! ISRO’s Latest Images Show Joshimath Sank 5.4 cm In 12 Days

Uttarakhand’s Joshimath has always been a historical and iconic destination to explore. This destination is one of the places that Hindu devotees dream to visit. Unfortunately, the town is on the brink of collapse and is making headlines for the past some days for this reason. The town is sinking down and the residents are extremely tense about what will happen now. Indian Space Research Organisation has shared some pictures recently that clearly show the land subsidence.

ISRO’s Latest Shared Satellite Images Of Joshimath

The recent satellite images of ISRO clearly show the differences between the town in the past and how much it has sunk recently. The problem with land subsidence is clearly visible. Geologist Harsh Vats took to his Twitter handle to share the satellite images and you can take a look at them here.

The report states that Joshimath “might sink as a result of rapid land subsidence”. The Uttarakhand town has already sunk 5.4 cm in just 12 days. Place such as the army helipad, the central part of the town, and the Narsingh Mandir are experiencing the most horrific land subsidence.

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The report also states that Joshimath experienced slow land subsidence in the time period between April and November 2022. This town sank 8.9 cm during this phase. The DInSAR technique has been used for examining the area and intensity of land subsidence in Joshimath.

The intensity increased from 27 December to 8 January when it sunk by 5.4 cm in just 12 days. In fact, the areal extent of land subsidence in Joshimath had also increased.

More Updates From The Latest Images Shared By ISRO

The new Cartosat-2S satellite has been used for capturing these ISRO satellite images.

One of these images spotted a subsidence zone that resembles a shape of a landslide. The crown of this zone is at an elevation of about 2180 metre near the Joshimath-Auli road. In fact, the photos show that this road is on the verge of destruction as a consequence of subsidence.

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The situation is worsening every day making the locals petrified. The Uttarakhand High Court has already asked the Uttarakhand government to make a plan for Joshimath.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Harsh Vats (@HarshVatsa7)