Journalist Compelled To Sell Street Food To Survive Amid Economic Crises In Afghanistan

by Shreya Ghosh
Journalist Compelled To Sell Street Food To Survive Amid Economic Crises In Afghanistan

Afghanistan is experiencing economic crises and political disturbances since the time the Taliban took over control of the country. The situation of the turbulences is deteriorating every day. Unemployment is multiplying with inflation and a rise in costs. A Twitter post of Nilofar Ayoubi and Kabir Haqmal recently went viral all over the world. The tweets showed the horrible situations the people of Afghanistan are facing and everyone is forcefully facing poverty, even the esteemed and accomplished ones.

A Journalist Is Selling Street Food To Earn Amid Economic Crises In Afghanistan

Nilofar Ayoubi is a journalist and she tweeted the struggles of Musa Mohammadi and how Musa’s life turned upside down. Musa Mohammadi’s profession was journalism and he was a young talented professional. Nilofar tweeted Musa’s past pictures and present pictures to highlight how things drastically overturned in his life. It shows how the Aghanistan people are facing to meet their ends and earn something.

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Afghanistan Journalists Are Facing The Worst Time

Kabir Haqmal also posted on Musa Mohammadi and showed the world how the journalists are living their lives. Haqmal worked for the Hamid Karzai government before. While people in media sectors earned well and lived happily in the past, they are dragged to the street to feed their families. In fact, he focused on how the lives of the people changed under the Taliban.

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Many people are talking about the economic crises in Afghanistan and sharing these tweets. The entire scenario of the country changed since the Taliban militants took over. They are threatening and pressuring the media sectors. Many journalists, especially women lost their jobs, and their source of income. Taliban and their new laws, mostly restricted to women, are worsening the economic crises. As per the World Bank, Afghanistan will face worse in recent times, in 2022 itself.