Just 2 Hours From Mumbai, Experience The Village Life At Monteria Village | Curly Tales

by Shreya Rathod
Just 2 Hours From Mumbai, Experience The Village Life At Monteria Village | Curly Tales

Villages are known for their serene atmosphere. Living in a tight-knit community and celebrating cultural events is what defines them. But for most urbanites, this is an unknown concept. They are unaware of the simplicity of village life. But there is a place where you can experience it. Welcome to the Monteria Village in Khalapur!

Monteria Village In Khalapur

Located just two hours away from Mumbai, there is a village setting called Monteria Village where you get to experience village life. This is a perfect place for those who miss their villages and who have never seen one! A unique man-made village located on the old Mumbai-Pune Highway that spreads across thirty-six acres in Khalapur Town. 

The village offers you the true essence to stay connected and grounded. Inspired by the Banjara community, the place has an entire staycation set up outside the main village just like the Kabila. There are four categories of stay options that you can choose from. The rooms are equipped with amenities such as bathtubs, television, cosy bed and more.

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In addition to this, the huts are layered with dried grass that gives it a natural air conditioning effect. The stays are inspired by Kutchi, Marathi, Pahadi and Rajasthani houses. But most importantly, the stays start from ₹6,000 only including meals and experiences for couples!

There is even a private swimming pool along with a waterfall and you can enjoy water games, rain dance and more. 

Food & Other Experiences!

monteria village
Credits: Curly Tales India

Food served in this village includes everything from Chinese to Italian. But when you are visiting a village, trying authentic village food should be on the to-do list! You will get options like the traditional North Indian thali that you can relish. 

Besides serving delicious food, this place has a lot of other attractions for every age group. The place has a movie-set vibe with a sarpanch house, village temple, post office, water tank and more. You can play games like lagori, gili danda, tyre games and tug of wars. There is a village market where you can eat various treats. 

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This village teaches you skills like pottery, weaving, bamboo basket making, traditional photoshoots with costumes, puppets and magic shows and more!

Cover Image Courtesy: Curly Tales India