Just 278 KM Away From Shillong, Experience The Ways Of Garo Living & Its Culture At This Resort At ₹2,000/N

At This Resort Near the foothills of Nokrek Reserve, you can get to relish the local food items of Meghalaya.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Just 278 KM Away From Shillong, Experience The Ways Of Garo Living & Its Culture At This Resort At ₹2,000/N

Who is a Garo? How is their lifestyle so different from ours? If these are the questions arising in your mind, then you are on the correct path (article). Garo is an ethnic group, mainly found in the regions of Meghalaya and belongs to the Tibeto-Burmese tribe. Garo’s primary profession is hunting and agriculture because they are known to rely on natural resources. They still practice the common agricultural tradition of jhum cultivation, also known as Shifting Cultivation. Also, you would know about this if you have visited the bountiful Meghalaya. If not, then let’s go the Garo way at this resort near Shillong and breathe in fresh air!

Immerse In The Culture Of Garo & Way Of Living Near This Resort In Shillong

garo life
Image Credits: Website/meghalayatourism.in

Chandigre Rural Tourism Resort near Shillong is located at the foothills of the Nokrek Reserve. If you are not aware, Nokrek Reserve is one of the largest biodiversities of this sub-continent. Therefore, Chandigre is thronged by trek lovers in and around this forest reserve. Chandigre place is full of orchards and plantations, nature lovers will bask in the glory of nature while sipping on masala chai or coffee. Mind you Chandigre Rural Tourism Resort is surrounded by lush greenery of tea and coffee plantations!

Get a glimpse into the traditional and authentic culture of Garo and how they live by visiting Chandigre. Especially see their hard work in agriculture and cultivation through vegetation, great flower beds and fruit trees. What’s interesting is that even produce a rice wine. Yes, Garos have their rice wine called bitchi. To experience the mechanisation behind bitchi, head over to Chu Nok, brewery. Cheers!

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You Get To Stay At Traditionally Styled Houses Of Garos

Garo Living
Image Credits: Website/meghalayatourism.in

What is luxury? When you can enjoy the pure bliss of walking barefoot on the lawns of Chandigre Rural Tourism Resort near Shillong while sipping on delish locally-made fruit juice and wine? Yes. This resort near Shillong also focuses on the great architecture of Garos. You will come across hut-like structures using natural fibers and materials. It is in the style of Noka’chik, a traditional long house of the Garos. This is best for family and if you are a bunch of bachelors, then book for Nokpante, the traditional bachelors’ dormitory of the Garos.

The nature of Meghalaya is calling you at this resort just 278 km away from Shillong. Plan to go trekking nearby or explore spots like Rongbang Falls or Songkal Wari Open River Fish Sanctuary. Book your accommodation here

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Where: Chandigre Rural Village, West Garo Hills, Meghalaya 

Cost: ₹2,000/night

Cover Image Credits: Website/meghalayatourism.in

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