Just A Selfie Is All You Will Need To Check Into Dubai Airport In Future!

by Tania Tarafdar
Just A Selfie Is All You Will Need To Check Into Dubai Airport In Future!

Running through an airport to catch your flight on time is the stuff that nightmares are made of. The check-in and the security process can be especially brutal. However, travelling via Dubai airport is all set to become more convenient as a Portugal-based tech firm works with Dubai’s aviation entities to make barrier-free travel a reality. You will just have to click a selfie to check-in. Read on to know more!

Automated Passenger Movement Is The Future

According to Gulf News, Vision-Box, which previously helped set up smart gates and biometric systems at Dubai International Airport is helping in automating passenger movement. This means that there will be no check-ins or security checks or no barriers or doors. You simply have to walk to the departure gate of the airport. The automated movement of passengers will not only reduce the time taken to board the aircraft but also help in timely departures and arrivals. Dubai Airport Also  Launches New Service That Delivers Food & Duty Free Products At The Boarding Gate.

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Dubai Airport Will Use Selfie-Based identification Tool

In 2020, Emirates Airlines had rolled out a facial recognition tool to allow passengers to check-in and complete all formalities by simply strolling through the airport. As reported by Gulf News, Vision-Box is working with Emirates to further enhance the check-in experience. This precisely means that you just have to click a selfie at home before you head to the airport. With the selfie-based identity verification, you will be able to register ahead of your flight just by uploading your image.

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Wondering what you need to do next? You should just arrive at the airport, drop your bags and proceed with your onward journey. It is going to be as simple as that.