Just An Hour Away From Hyderabad, This Charming Cottage Has A Great Swimming Pool & Gazebo Area

by Ankita Mazumdar
Just An Hour Away From Hyderabad, This Charming Cottage Has A Great Swimming Pool & Gazebo Area

When you want to leave behind the city life of Hyderabad completely, the tranquil places nearby are perfect for getaways. We have found the perfect place where you don’t even have to travel long hours to reach your destination. Feel like a celebrity at their own cottage houses at Mangowoods Celebrity near Hyderabad. Make yourself at home and act like a celeb who is on a much-needed vacation at the charming Mangowoods Celebrity.

This Cottage Near Hyderabad Has A Great Swimming Pool & Gazebo Area 

Mangowoods Celebrity
Image Credits: Airbnb/Mangowoods Celebrity

We are pretty sure this peaceful getaway at Mangowoods Celebrity will recharge you to the fullest. The tranquil surroundings with mango trees spread all around this cottage area add a lush touch to it. Makes it feel like you are staying in a mango orchard. If you are lucky, plan to book your stay to witness those lush mango trees in full bloom with juicy mangoes hanging from their branches. Bring out your Drama Queen or King to enact those Katrina Kaif scenes from those mango-relishing advertisements

Mangoes are not the only thing that will attract you here. They have a big freaking private pool just by the cottage. You sip your wine during late night time and relax in the pool. Don’t spill the wine in the water, please. While you can dance and catch up with your friends or family at the nicely constructed gazebo area. The views from the gazebo are pretty amazing. You have to have your morning tea or coffee at this spot.

If you would like a delicious dinner, our caregiver will be happy to bring you food from local eateries upon request.  Additionally, a charcoal BBQ is available for your use; simply bring your marinated food to savour the experience.

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BYOB Becomes BYOF: You Can Bring Your Own Food At This Cottage 

Mangowoods Celebrity
Image Credits: Airbnb/Mangowoods Celebrity

Mangowoods Celebrity has the provision for guests to bring their food from home. How cool is that? Literally, a small picnic can be arranged among the mango trees. If that is not what you are looking for then the caretaker will bring you food from nearby restaurants and you will be sorted. If you care to bring out your hidden chef and want to BBQ to impress your friends and family, then Mangowoods Celebrity has the facilities for BBQ. Enjoy your BBQ sessions!

How To Reach?

Mangowoods Celebrity
Image Credits: Airbnb/Mangowoods Celebrity

If you are planning to drive down to this cottage from Hyderabad, then it is a pretty chill scene. The distance between them is just 35 km which can be covered in around an hour via NH163. The nearest railway station to Moinabad is Umdanagar Station, which is 14 km away. The nearest airport is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, which is 34 km away. You will find plenty of cabs from there to your dreamy destination.

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Do you want to swim around in the pool, relax at the gazebo and scout the mango trees this weekend, then book your stay at Mangowoods Celebrity NOW.

Where: Mangowoods Celebrity, Moinabad, Telangana

Check-Out Time: 12 PM

Cost: ₹8,092/night

Cover Image Credits: Airbnb/Mangowoods Celebrity


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