Kajal Kothari Reveals Her Secret Recipe For Staying Healthy While Being A Hardcore Foodie

by Tooba Shaikh
Kajal Kothari Reveals Her Secret Recipe For Staying Healthy While Being A Hardcore Foodie

Kajal Kothari is a dynamic fashion influencer who loves creating content for her loyal and avid followers. Scrolling through her Instagram, you’ll find many fashion and outfit goals. But you also may be surprised to learn that she is an absolute foodie at heart! She is a strong believer in nourishing her body and not letting any of the naysayers dictate what she eats. She told us her recipe for eating right while still being a hardcore foodie.

Kajal Kothari: Being A Fashion Influencer Doesn’t Mean You Have To Be On A Diet Forever

As a strong believer in eating what best nourishes her body and soul, Kajal has always endeavoured to maintain a balance in her diet. She wants to erase the stereotype that if you’re a fashion influencer, then you have to be extremely skinny and diet constantly.

She is a strict vegetarian so her meals constitute of nutrient-packed veggies. But, she is also a hardcore foodie at heart. She loves all things Mexican and Italian and she loves to explore the diverse kinds of street food that the gullies of India have to offer. Talk about being global and local at the same time! Decadent dark chocolate desserts are especially her kryptonite.

In addition to this, she also loves to experiment with new and different types of food. The proof? She has tried every flavour of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream while she was in London. She also made it a point to try at least one new kind of cheese every week.

So, with such a strong love for food, the obvious question is how does she manage to stay healthy and fit?

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The Key Is Eating Right Daily & Indulging On Vacations

She didn’t let her career as a fashion influencer get in the way of her passion for good food. In fact, she combined the two. Ever since she was a little girl, she had no penchant for fried food or maida. As a result, the things she has loved to eat have always been relatively healthier.

She loves coconut water and drinks it daily. She also makes it a point to go on daily walks for at least 30 minutes. Her eating habits at home are also exemplary and if you, too, want to eat healthier, you should take notes.

Quinoa, Brown rice, paneer, and gluten-free pasta feature regularly and heavily in her homemade meals. She also stays far away from alcohol, fizzy drinks, and packaged as well as processed food.

Since balance is at the heart of her food philosophy, she lets loose when she’s travelling, which, she does a lot of, since exploring new cultures and their food is a major source of joy for her. And since she loves to explore new places on foot, she walks a lot during vacations. This also helps her burn calories and attain a rudimentary balance.

She will explore all the vegetarian dishes a culture has to offer and relish them greatly. But once she is back home, her healthy eating is on again!

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